Home Birth

Hospital Birth

Our labor Doula services include the birth and up to 4 prenatal & postpartum visits.

Prenatal visits include:

  • ```````````Time to get to know each other.

  • Helping you make sure you are prepared to bring the baby home.

  • Assistance with creating a birth plan so that you have the birth experience you want.

  • Education and assistance to get your questions answered.

Labor & Delivery:

  • We will come to your home and be with you as you labor and deliver.

  • Alternatively, we will meet you at the hospital and support you there.

  • Up to two hours of immediate postpartum care.

Postpartum visits include:

  • Getting settled at home with your new addition.

  • Continued help with infant feeding.

  • In-person newborn care instructions.

  • Addressing your questions and concerns.